Purchasing, Trading-In, Financing, Leasing, and More


  • What is the advantage to trading in my current car to LMP?

    When you trade in a vehicle, depending on your state tax, you will save as much as thousands of dollars. Example: If your trade in value is $15,000, and your purchase is $25,000, you will only pay tax on the difference ($10,000). That will save you approximately $900.

  • How does the trade in process work with LMP?

    Simply, go to our Sell Page where you can submit photos, then follow the rest of the instructions and you will get an instant cash offer. This is good for 7 days and you can use it towards your purchase.

  • How do you pick up my trade?

    When we deliver your vehicle, we will pick up your trade at the same time, or occasionally due to logistic conflicts, it will be within 72hrs.

  • Will LMP buy any car?

    Yes any car! We will offer you a cash value on the spot that will be guaranteed for 7 days.


  • Where are you located?

    We are an online dealership and deliver nationwide. We have many offices and fulfillment centers. If you choose to come in person to sign the paperwork as opposed to a courier service, please call us and we will direct to the appropriate office nearest you.

  • How do you ensure the quality of your vehicles?

    Our vehicles are inspected before we purchase them. All our inventory goes through a mandatory multi-point inspection to the highest industry standards. Our promise is that when your car arrives to your doorstep it is ready to hit the road & ready to enjoy without worry.

  • Where do you get your cars from?

    In most cases, we purchase our vehicles from the factory that come back from leases. In others, we resell a trade in that we receive or purchase from dealer only auctions.

  • Can I see a Carfax report?

    Of course! We make the Carfax for each vehicle available on every listing on our website.

  • How are your prices so low?

    The fact that we buy wholesale and direct and we sell on the internet without the cost of bricks and mortar buildings, sales staff and middlemen, we can offer you vehicles with the some of the lowest prices on the market.


  • How does delivery work?

    We bring the car straight to your driveway within 300 miles of our location(s) or we’ll cover your airfare (up to $300) to pick it up. If you’re further than 300 miles, we can arrange delivery for as low as 29 cents a mile.

  • How long does delivery take?

    Anywhere from 2 to 10 days depending on the state you want it delivered to.

  • How do you deliver the vehicles?

    In many cases we will use our own car hauler. Depending on the distance, we use third party licensed and insured transport companies.

  • How do I schedule my delivery?

    As soon as the paperwork is completed and the funds are received by us, our fulfillment department will arrange the shipment of the vehicle to you.

  • What should I do when my vehicle arrives?

    Check to make sure that the vehicle is as described by LMP. Do NOT sign the delivery receipt until you’ve given the car a good once-over. If there are any issues, please call us immediately at (954) 895 – 0352. If you are trading in your vehicle, confirm that it’s is empty and free of all your personal items.


  • How do I get my title?

    If you finance your car purchase, the bank will hold onto the title until you’ve paid off the loan in full. If you pay cash for your car, the title will be overnighted courier to you.

  • How do I get my car registered?

    If you finance with LMP, we will register your future vehicle for you and overnight your license plates once your state agency has prepared them. Please keep in mind that this will typically take 4-6 weeks. One of our team members will call you within 2 weeks of your vehicle’s delivery to discuss your registration process in detail. If you paid cash for your vehicle or financed through another provider, you are responsible for going to your local DMV to register your vehicle. Please make sure you bring a copy of your Purchase Agreement found in your documents folder.

  • What do I do if my temp tags are nearing their expiration date?

    Email us at Please include a copy of your insurance declarations page in your email.